We offers experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of business needs.

Business Continuity

Assuring you are always able to support your customers, no matter what happens. So your clients can always depend on you.

IT Risk Management

Getting insights in, and controlling the IT risks you face everyday, so they don’t control your business operation.

Information Security

Mitigate information security risks with targeted and tailor-made solutions.

Is your IT environment up for the challenge? Are you sure that it provides the requirements to your business. All the time?

Simple, efficient and cost-effective full service Identity, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions for SMB and large-scale Organizations.
Digital Independence provides consultancy services on information security and enterprise ICT and business architectures.
Our main focus is at the interactions between ICT and business requirements and finding the right ICT solutions to answer to business request.

Our focus area’s:

– Identity and Access Management
– Privileged Access Management
– Business Continuity Management
– Disaster Recovery Management
– Risk Management
– Vendor Risk Management
– Crisis Management
– Security audits
– Penetration testing
– Digital forensic services

Identity Driven

People are the first and last line of defense when it comes to securing you information. Make them the focus point of your information security roadmap.

Targeted approach

Focus on the information security solutions which mediate the highest risks. No ‘security framework wide solutions’ but to the point risk mitigation where it matters.

Tailor-made Solutions

As no company is the same, so should be the risk mitigating solutions. Always make the solutions fit your organization, never the other way around.

Increased Continuity

Increase your, and your customers, continuity though tailor-made solutions, targeted risk mitigation and identity driven governance.

Risk Managent

Control the IT risks imposed upon your organization through insights and control. This will contribute to focussed risk mitigation and keeping costs under control.

Supply Chain Assurance

Assure your suppliers are able to support you, what ever happens. Set the same business continuity requirements for your suppliers through a comprehensive vendor risk management process.

Threat Management

Keep ahead of the curve in an ever changing threat landscape. Control information security threats for your organization by incorporating the threat management process in your day to day business operation.


Keep it simple! Complex solutions will likely increase the information security risks in stead of lowering them. Focus on the topics that really matter and implement quick wins first. Automate where ever possible.

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